FUMIO YASUDA "Mother Goose's Melodies"
Fumio Yasuda [Arrangement, piano, fender rhodes]
Theo Bleckmann [vocals, electronics, toys]
Jo Lawry [vocals, violin]
Akimuse [vocals]
Caleb Burhans [viola, violin, guitar]
Drew Gress [acoustic bass, pedal steel guitar]
Bohdan Hilash [clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones]
John Hollenbeck [drums, percussion, vibraphone, glockenspiel, crotales]
Rubin Kodheli [cello]
1.  Blue Tail Fly [Trad.]
2. Mary Had A Little Lamb [L. Mason; Lyrics: Trad.]
3. Three Blind Mice [Trad.]
4. Sing A Song Of Sixpence [Trad.]
5. Hush-A-Bye Baby [Trad.]
6. Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep [Trad.]
7. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush [Trad.]
8. Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son [Trad.]
9. Polly Wolly Doodle [Trad.]
10. Camptown Races [S. C. Foster]
11. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Trad., Lyrics: J. Taylor]
12. Oh, Dear! What Can The Matter Be [Trad.]
13. Old Folks At Home [S. C. Foster]
14. Skip To My Lou [Trad.]
15. Row, Row, Row Your Boat [Trad.]
16. Hey Diddle Diddle [Trad.]
total time: 57:00

FUMIO YASUDA & Theo Bleckmann "Schumann's Favored Bar Songs"

© G.Mattei
Fumio Yasuda [piano]
Theo Bleckmann [vocals]
1.  Roast Beef And Fried Potatoes [F.Yasuda]
2. As Time Goes By [H.Hupfeld]
3. I've Got The World On A String [T.Koehler, H.Arlen]
4. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington, M.Kurtz, I.Mills]
5. Send In The Clowns [S.Sondheim]
6. Am I Blue [G.Clarke, H.Akst]
7. Moulin Rouge [G.Auric]
8. Estrellita [M.Ponce]
9. A Child Is Born [T.Jones]
10. Someone To Watch Over Me [I.Gershwin, G.Gershwin]
11. Love Me Or Leave Me [G.Kahn, W.Donaldson]
12. Good Morning Heartache [I.Higginbotham, E.Drake, D.Fisher]
13. Last Night When We Were Young [Y.Harburg, H.Arlen]
14. So In Love [C.Porter]
15. You Better Go Now [B.Reichner, I.Graham]
16. God Bless The Child [B.Holiday, A.Herzog jr.]
17. Just A Gigolo [J.Brammer, L.Casucci]
total time: 63:41

FUMIO YASUDA Theo Bleckmann "Berlin - Songs of love and war, peace and exile"

© S.Byram/G.-Geldermann
Theo Bleckmann [vocals]
Fumio Yasuda [piano, arrangements]
Todd Reynolds [violin]
Courtney Orlando [violin]
Caleb Burhans [viola]
Wendy Sutter [cello]
1.  An den kleinen Radioapparat [Eisler, Brecht]
2. Das deutsche Miserere [Eisler, Brecht]
3. Ostersonntag [Eisler, Brecht]
4. Das Lied vom Surabaya-Johnny [Weill, Brecht]
5. Davon geht die Welt nicht unter [Jary, Balz]
6. Maskulinum-Femininum [Spoliansky, Schiffer]
7. Ich hab dich ausgetragen [Eisler, Brecht]
8. Bitten der Kinder [Dessau, Brecht]
9. Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt [Hollaender]
10. Die alten Weisen [Eisler, Becher]
11. Als ich dich in meinem Leib trug [Eisler, Brecht]
12. Moon of Alabama [Weill, Brecht]
13. Hotelzimmer 1942 [Eisler, Brecht]
14. Die Welt verändern wir [Eisler, Becher]
15. Friedenslied [Eisler, Brecht]
16. Als ich dich gebar [Eisler, Brecht]
17. Hollywood-Elegie Nr. 7 [Eisler, Brecht]
18. Der Bilbao-Song [Weill, Brecht]
19. Mein Sohn, was immer auch aus dir werde [Eisler, Brecht]
20. über den Selbstmord [Eisler, Brecht]
21. I build my time [Bleckmann, Schwitters]
22. Lili Marleen [Schultze, Leip]
23. Schmidt-Lied [Bleckmann, Schwitters]

FUMIO YASUDA Theo Bleckmann "Las Vegas Rhapsody"

© Günter Mattei
Theo Bleckmann [vocals]
Fumio Yasuda [orchestration, piano]
Kammerorchester Basel
Bernd Ruf [conductor]
1.  Las Vegas Rhapsody - Prologue [Yasuda, Bleckmann]
2. Out Of My Dreams [Rodgers, Hammerstein II]
3. The Night They Invented Champagne [Loewe, Lerner]
4. Teacher's Pet [Joe Lubin]
5. True Love [Cole Porter]
6. You Make Me Feel So Young [Myrow, Gordon]
7. Chim Chim Cheree [Sherman Bros.]
8. A Gal In Calico [Schwartz, Robin]
9. You Go To My Head [Coots, Gillespie]
10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Kern, Harbach]
11. We Kiss In A Shadow [Rodgers, Hammerstein II]
12. Button Up Your Overcoat [Brown, De Sylva, Henderson]
13. I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo [Warren, Gordon]
14. Luck Be A Lady [Frank Loesser]
15. My Favorite Things [Rodgers, Hammerstein II]
16. Las Vegas Rhapsody - Epilogue [Yasuda, Bleckmann]

total time: 56:52

FUMIO YASUDA "Heavenly Blue"

© Rob Bonte Publ./K. Eisele
Fumio Yasuda [piano, melodica, sampler]
Teodoro Anzellotti [accordion]
Kammerorchester Basel
Bernd Ruf [conductor]
1. Tango in Amesa
2. Rain Choral
  Imaginary Films for Piano and String Orchestra
3. Retrograph
4. A black white Night
5. Rime
6. Epitaph 1939
  Accordion Concerto
7. Nostalgia
8. Running in a Circus
9. Lament in close Distance
10. Last Choral
11. A Song for Lucrezia
12. Heavenly Blue

Compositions by Fumio Yasuda
total time: 67:10

FUMIO YASUDA "kakyoku"

© Nobuyoshi Araki
Applaus: Three Stars
February 2001
Scala: Sehr gut-Uberragend
March 2001
Fumio Yasuda [piano, melodica, sampler]
Ernst Reijseger [violon cello]
and the European Art Orchestra:
Bernd Ruf [conductor]
Ben Hudson [1st violin, leader]
Wolfgang Kussmaul, Midori Tanaka, Dan Abitbol Tov-El,
Peter Schulmeister [1st violin]
Henning Trubsbach, Uta Terjung,
Pal Korbey, Natascha Murina [2nd violin]
Tetsuya Hayashi, Axel Porath, Stefanie Lauer-Schmalz [viola]
Ulrike Eikenbusch, Sebastian Foron [violon cello]
Veit Hubner [double bass]
Laima Svarlyte [harp]
Ulrich Schlumberger [accordion]
Kirsten Drope [soprano]
1.  Kakyoku
2. Death Sentiment I
3. Death Sentiment II
4. Death Sentiment III
5. Death Sentiment IV
6. Death Sentiment V
7. Tari
8. Kain
9. Tango for November
10. Things that are missing here
11. Love Scenes
12. Gig
13. In 1930
14. Blue Ruins
15. Fragment of Portrait
16. To the Mark of Dream
17. Song of Lydia
18. Last Requiem
19. Kakyoku

Compositions by Fumio Yasuda
total time: 65:11

FUMIO YASUDA "Im Zauber von Verdi" (Charmed with Verdi)

© Arosa
The Story of Alexander Schiffgen at the Mountain Sanatorium
BBC Music Magazine:
Three Stars
November 1, 2001
Applaus: Five Stars
December 2001
Fono Forum: "Ein Wintermarchen zum Verdi-Jahr"
September 2001
Fumio Yasuda [piano];
Kwartet Prima Vista;
Heeresmusikkorps 2, Kassel;
Music Box
1.  Intro - music in the summer garden:
Ballgefluster [Louis Gregh]
Lohengrin [R. Wagner]
2. Camera Da Letto Di Violetta* [after La Traviata]
3. Ah! Tu Dei Vivere* [after Aida]
4. Vivra! Contende Il Giubilo a La
Habanera* [after Il Travatore]
5. Aufforderung Zum Tanz [Carl Maria von Weber]
6. Leonora Fantasy* [after La Forza Del Destino]
7. Piangea Cantando* [after Otello]
8. Interlude [sound of bells]
Alexander Marsch [Andreas Leonhardt]
9. Ave Maria Piena Di Grazia* [after Otello]
10. Prelude after Aida*
11. Prelude after Rigoletto*
12. Oh Patria Mia* [after Aida]
13. Radetzki-Marsch: J. Strauss
14. Fantasy after La Traviata*
15. Fantasy after Otello*
16. O Don Fatale* [after Don Carlo]
17. Serenade [Franz Schubert]
18. B flat Minor after Verdi [Fumio Yasuda]
19. Fantasy after La Forza Del Destino*
20. Fantasy after Falstaff*
21. Agnus Dei* [after Messa da Requiem]
* adapted by Fumio Yasuda after Giuseppe Verdi

total time: 76:20

FUMIO YASUDA "Schumann's Bar Music"
© Günter Mattei
Audio: Four Points
June 2002
Suddeutsche Zeitung:
"...Aufgabe war es, einen Horfilm zu schaffen,
der die Stimmung der bekanntesten Promikneipe Munchens
einfangen und modifizieren sollte,
ganz so, als ware in den Raumen der Maximilianstrase
36 tatsachlich ein Barpianist zugange..." (Ralf Dombrowski)
March 14, 2002
Fumio Yasuda [piano];
1.  At Schumann’s
2. Gone with the Wind [Steiner]
3. Emily [Mandel/Mercer]
4. Someday my Prince will come [Churchill/Morey]
5. So do I [Mackeben]
6. Im weisen Rossl [Benatzky]
7. Somewhere over the Rainbow [Arlen/Harburg]
8. Keepin’ out of Mischef now [Fats Waller]
9. Try to remeber [Schmidt]
10. Moon River [Mercer/Mancini]
11. Edelweiss [Rodgers/Hammerstein]
12. Just squeeze me (but don’t teaseme) [Ellington/Gaines]
13. I’ve grown accustomed to her Face [Loewe/Lerner]
14. Amazing Grace
15. Charade [Mancini]
16. I loves you Porgy [George & Ira Gershwin/Hart]
17. Bewitched [Rogers/Hart]
18. Smoke gets in your Eyes [Kern/Harbach]
19. Last Waltz [Reed/Mason]

total time: 60:39

"Cherries" Image Soundtrack

Edition Efua
Muramatsu Flute
Produced by Fumio Yasuda, Norio Enomoto
Recording Engineer : Noh Sujeong Fumio Yasuda
Mix Engineer : Masahiro Yamada Fumio Yasuda
Mastering Engineer Masahiro Yamada
Yoshinaru Imamura
Recorded at Studio246, Studio Efua
Recorded on February 15th,16 th,20 th, 2007
and September 17th,2008
Cover Design and Label Design : aki
Yuka Eguchi,Violin
Takako Hagiwara,Flute&Pipe
Liu Ji Hong,Hu Gong
Fumio Yasuda,Piano
Eguchi Strings
Yuka Eguchi,1st Violin
Nakako Yokoyama,2nd Violin
Shinichi Eguchi,Violoncello
Koji Akaike,Contrabass
1.  Title Song "Cherries" [F.Yasuda]
2. Beautiful Villege [F.Yasuda]
3. Heavenly Strings [F.Yasuda]
4. Premonition [F.Yasuda]
5. Gentle Eyes [F.Yasuda]
6. Theme Of Honhon [F.Yasuda]
7. Song Of Honhon [F.Yasuda]
8. In The Dream [F.Yasuda]
9. River In The Evening Sun [F.Yasuda]
10. Gentle Heart [F.Yasuda]
11. Cherries (Hu Gong Version) [F.Yasuda]
12. Heavenly Song [F.Yasuda]
13. Alone In The Night [F.Yasuda]
14. The Long Stair [F.Yasuda]
15. Piano Fantasy From Yunnan [F.Yasuda]
16. Heavenly Flute [F.Yasuda]
17. On The Parting [F.Yasuda]
18. Memories~Cherries [F.Yasuda]

Fumio Yasuda Flute Collection Vol.1

Edition Efua
Muramatsu Flute
Flute / Takako Hagiwara
Piano・Compose・Transcription / Fumio Yasuda Flute
1.  Amazing Grace [Traditional=Fumio Yasuda]
2. Fantasy on Musetta’s Waltz [Fumio Yasuda]
3. Tango for November No2 [Fumio Yasuda]
4. Song of Nenna [Fumio Yasuda]
5. A Little Song [A.D'ambrosio=Fumio Yasuda]
6. Reverie [Claude Debussy=Fumio Yasuda]
7. Je Te Veux Paraphrase [Fumio Yasuda]
8. Poem on El Noi de la Mare [Fumio Yasuda]
9. Calollna Shout [James.P.Johnson=Fumio Yasuda]
10. Smoke gets in your eyes [Jerome Kern=Fumio Yasuda]
11. My Dolly Dear [Deodat de Severac=Fumio Yasuda]
12. Verdi Fantasy [Fumio Yasuda]
13. Poem on Greensleeves [Fumio Yasuda]

Ernst Reijseger "Tell Me Everything"

N° 910 151-2

Ernst Reijseger [violoncello]
1.  Bidderosa
2. Flurry [Fumio Yasuda]
3. Wake
4. Tristan's Tune [Tristan Honsinger]
5. Moby's Night Out
6. Falsetto
7. Dancing for D
8. Song of Nenna [Fumio Yasuda]
9. Tempered
10. Tiny Adventure
11. Delicato
12. Comodo Varan
13. Tell Me Everything

All compositions by Ernst Reijseger except tracks, 2, 4, 8
total time: 68:15

"Der Kastanienball"
"…eine phantastische Mixtur,
die dennoch Wahrhaftigkeit für sich beanspruchen darf."
Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 2005
"…ein Kunstprojekt zwischen den Stilen, mal angejazzt klassisch,
mal poppig varietéhaft, vielfach in sich gebrochen und zugleich
komplex inhaltlich verwoben."
Jazzthing, June 2005
"Extravagante, acaso, pero por entero subyugante."
Diario de Sevilla, September 2005
"Die Oper … bietet eine berückend-bedrückende künstlerische
Reflexion über die Schamgrenzen der Macht.
Was könnte aktueller sein?"
Jazzpodium, September 2005
Wolfram Berger [story teller]:
Nicolo Machiavelli
Jean-Louis Costes [vocals, piano]:
Alexander VI.
Cristina Zavalloni [vocals]:
Giulia la Bella
Sabrina Khalil [vocals]:
Lucrezia Borgia
Jim Thirlwell [theremin, electronics]:
Cesare Borgia
Sadiq Bey [voice]:
Girolamo Savonarola
Theo Bleckmann [vocals]:
Martin Luther

Noël Akchoté [musical director, guitar]
Steve Beresford [hammond organ, electronics, pocket trumpet, voice]
Lorenzo Ghielmi [church organ]
Alan »Gunga« Purves [drums, percussion, tubes]
Ernst Reijseger [cello, percussion, voice]
Herb Robertson [trumpet]
Fumio Yasuda [piano, melodica]
Gamba quartet »Il Suonar Parlante« with Vittorio Ghielmi,
Rodney Prada, Fahmi Alqhai, Cristiano Contadin
1.  Das Vorspiel [The prologue]
2. Am Morgen [In the morning]
3. Die Schändung der Jungfrau [The rape of the virgin]
4. Der Gottesdienst [The divine service]
5. Der gefallene Engel [The fallen angel]
6. Die Todesstrafe [The death penalty]
7. Die Ballnacht [The night at the ball]

total time: 73:42


© Günter Mattei
Facts: Four Stars
October 1, 2001
Diario de Noticias:
Four Points
February 2, 2002
Trifon Trifonov [alto saxophone];
Stian Carstensen [accordion];
Kwartet Prima Vista [string quartet];
Fumio Yasuda [piano];
Heeres-musikkorps 4,
Regensburg [brass band];
Filip Simeonov [clarinet];
Raicho Assenov Boshinov [violin];
Bulgarian Choir:
Tsonka Dimitrova,
Darina Miteva,
Radka Stefanova,
Diana Velichkova;
Sylvian Aleksandrov [trumpet];
Ivan and Ivailo Atanasovi [tapan, trambuka]
1.  Paris (Est): In the train station: Mari Maro
2. Dept., June 7th, 1905: Musette Fantasy
3. On the train: Rose Mousse
4. The piano player on the Traveller de Luxe: As a Memento of La Boheme
5. At the dining car: Pizzicato Polka
6. Welcome to Munich: Bayerischer Prasentiermarsch
7. The brass band party at the Munich train station:
Bayerischer Defiliermarsch
8. On the way to Vienna: Habanera
9. Relaxation on the train: Serenade
10. Hustle and bustle at the train station in Vienna:
An der schonen blauen Donau
11. Heralds of Balkans: Hungarian Dance
12. Passing through Budapest: Valurile Dunarii
13. Border crossing point to Romania: Neno Mari Neno
14. Once upon a time in the East:
Na Trapeza, Daichovo Horo
15. The train compartment becomes a dance floor:
Shopsko Horo, Krivo Horo
16. Interlude for an unaccompanied traveller:
Giacomo Puccini Fantasy
17. Interruption in the Bulgarien
countryside: Zora See Zazorilla
18. In the fields: Snoschti Damian Sardit Doide [Kern/Harbach]
19. Gypsy party: Rachenitza
20. Breath of wind: Mori Riso, Riso
21. Back on the train: Harlekin Polka
22. Arrival in Constantinople: Song for Osman Pasha
23. In the central station of Constantinople

total time: 73:42

"Metropolis Shanghai"
"Der gelungene Gegenentwurf zu 'Lost in Translation'"
Jazzthing, Nov 05-Jan 06
Jazzzeit: Sehr gut
N°57, 2005
Xing Leyi [vocals]
Duan Aiai [erhu]
Cao Yun [dulcimer]

Old Jazz Band:
Zhou Wanrong [trumpet]
Gu Jinlong [saxophone]
Sun Jibin [saxophone]
Zhang Jingyu [piano]
Li Mingkang [bass]
Cheng Yueqiang [drums]

Fumio Yasuda [piano]

Jiangnan Bamboo and Silk Ensemble:
Wang Yongji [musical director]
Fang Zhiqiang [erhu]
Zhou Tao [pipa]
Pang Bo'er [dulcimer]
Gao Hai [bamboo flute]
Li Xianggeng [clappers and drums]
Xu Guanling [sanxian]
Zou Derong [erhu]

Brave Old World:
Alan Bern [musical director, accordion, piano]
Michael Alpert [vocals, fiddle, guitar]
Kurt Bjorling [clarinet]
Stuart Brotman [bass, trombone]
special guest Roswitha Dasch [violin, guitar]

Li Kangqin [vocals]

Students from Zhong Shan High School [vocals]
Lu Jinlin [conductor]
Zheng Boliang [accordion]

Wang Yongji [musical director]
Li Zhaofang [gaohu]
Xu Guanlong [pipa]
Gao Hai [xiao]
Cao Yun [dulcimer]
Peng Zhengyuan [cello]
Wei Guofan [ruan]

Shellac recordings:
Fredo Gardoni, Manuel Puig et leur ensemble,
Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra,
Toyama Army School Band
1.  A young girl sings "Ye Shanghai" (Shanghai Nights)
[Chen Gexin, Fan Yanqiao]
2. "The moon over a fountain" [A Bing]
3. In the French Concession/Barcarolle from "Tales of Hoffmann"
[J. Offenbach]
4. The Bar at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai - "Slow boat to China"
[Frank Loesser]
5. At the piano bar - "Ye Shanghai" [Chen Gexin]
6. Strolling on the street [trad. music]
7. "Raindrops rattling on the leaves of Bananas"
[trad. Cantonese music, He Liutang?]
8. In the harbour - "Der Weana is'all'weil leger" [J. Schrammel]
9. In the hustle of Bubbling Well Road
10. "Sehnsucht" [Mischa Spoliansky]
11. "Khsidishe nigunim" [trad.]
12. "Dem rebns khosid" [trad.]
13. In Shanghai's Little Vienna - "Frisch gewagt" [J. Schrammel]
14. The refuge for the Jews - "Rozhinkes mit mandlen"
[Abraham Goldfadn]
15. Bells and chants at the Long Hua Temple [trad.]
16. 1937 outbreak of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War, "Nocturne"
[F. Chopin]
17. A young girl hums under the shower - "Ye Shanghai" [Chen Gexin]
18. "Aikoku Koshinkyoku" [Tokichi Setoguchi] and "Graduation Song"
[Nie Er, Tan Han]
19. "Ambush on all sides" [anonym.]
20. "Birds flying back to the woods" [Yi Jianquan]

total time: 70:02


recorded AKETA no mise december 26,1983
angry waves
Masayuki Takayanagi (g)
Fumio Yasuda (p)
Hiroshi Yamazaki (dr)
1.  first
2. second
3. third
4. fourth

■Produce Compose Arrange

Kyouko Yoshida "Nostalgia" (2004)

Warer Music Japan

"Love for Love"

Shuuhei Isobe "ELEGY"





"OPERA BEST MELODY" #1~#4 Piano Solo by Fumio Yasuda PONY CANYON
Ken Nishikiori "PER L'ETERNITA" (2003) PONY CANYON
Ken Nishikiori "Nessun dorma" PONY CANYON
Ken Nishikiori "Koi ha Yasasi Nobe no Hanayo" PONY CANYON
Ken Nishikiori "Ike!Waga omoi yo" PONY CANYON
Ken Nishikiori "Hatsukoi" PONY CANYON
Ken Nishikiori "Furusato" PONY CANYON
Satuki Adachi "Apres un Reve" PONY CANYON
"Gro Densetu Symphonic Sound Tracks" PONY CANYON
"Samurai Spirit Symphonic Sound Tracks" PONY CANYON
"DISNEY Orchestra Collection" Avex
"DISNEY Summer Greetings" PONY CANYON
"DISNEY Lulabies" Avex
Akiko Narukami "SWEET TIME" NEC Avenue
"Healing Nature Dolphin's World" BANDAI MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
"Healing Nature Whale's Chorus" BANDAI MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
"Cla Cla a la Carte" FAN HOUSE
"Someday prince will come for Flute&piano" Muramatsu
Kei Kobayashi "Nagashome Play" Piano Virsion Toshiba EMI
Sound Track "Sentiment no kisetu" SME